Inside the Recording Studio
Inside the Recording Studio

"First off, Capricorn Studios is an incredible space and it's so nice being downtown; everything at your fingertips right outside the studio. We looked at other studios in San Diego and their industrial park remoteness was a bit of a drag. The mastering portion of their business is managed by an adept, hard-working, and attentive engineer who pulls from years of experience, a classically trained background, and cutting edge technology -we've got a fairly decent knowledge of industry standards- at his fingertips. Also the intangibles were there like a great ear and a wide breadth of knowledge on bands and musical genres- and a massive corresponding library on hand to boot! Most importantly, the finished product was clearly night and day from the un-mastered tracks, and it got our album to the professional level we needed to achieve."
- Ryan Gordon, The Firing

"Capricorn Studios was more than accommodating to all my needs. I came and multitracked an entire EP with the help of an amazingly open minded engineer who provided suggestions that made my recording as detailed as it is. The studio was clean and well maintained, and I felt comfortable the minute I stepped through the front door. The mastering process took one day and I got a finished product that exceeded my expectations as well as many others. The work ethic was relaxed yet paced to complete my project, so my creativity was flowing effortlessly. Thank you again Capricorn, I will be back to record my next project soon!"
- Kronos the Deejay a.k.a. Aaron Kendall Pridemore

"Capricorn Studios....what can I say. Totally comfortable, relaxing,creative atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and professional (and fast!) Not only are Josh, Joe and Astra great to work with but are musicians themselves and are a good source for creative criticizem.......oh yeah, Pokez is next door and has some of the best mexican food in S.D. thanks to Rafa and Lupe. I personally acquired some inspiration from sidewalk out front. Much Thanks to Capricorn!!!!!!!!"
- Brane Chile/Six cents

"Capricorn Studios has all of the atmosphere and state of the art recording gear that you could want. Bryan is a dream come true for singer /songwriters and his professionalism, ease and understanding makes for a very satisfying recording experience. Come for the Pro Tools HD....stay for the Engineer/Producer."
- Dee Ray

"Just wanted to thank Bryan and everyone at Capricorn Studios for our amazing EP! Thanks to you guys we now have a quality CD that we are all truly proud of! We've gotten great feedback so far from everyone who's heard it, and we're looking forward to getting in the studio again very soon to do a full length album!"
- Trent Hancock, ghostBird

"Just writing to say thanks for all the work you put in to help us with the EP. It's seriously bitchin'. The studio was perfect...good vibe, good recording one word: chill. Thanks again."
- Chris Wooden, Blackletter Days

"Dear Astra, I would like to thank you and all the staff at CAPRICORN STUDIOS for the WONDERFUL time I had making my demo CD. This was the first time I sang in a recording studio.. You made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and also went the extra mile and looked for a song for me in the internet.. I can honestly tell you that I hear my CD and I can not believe it is me. You guys made me sound BETTER THAN EVER!!! On top of that it was such a pleasure to work with all of you. If you ever need a recommendation about your studio do not hesitate to contact me.. That is the least I could do for you. GREAT WORK!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! I LOVE MY DEMO CD..."
- Cesar Morales

"Bryan did a great job of capturing our sound and produced it like a pro. The finished product sounds just as good as anything on the Radio. We will definitely record with him again in the future and recommend him to our friends."
- Arnaud Lemaire, 3against1

"The best thing about recording with Bryan is that he is not only a talented engineer but a great producer. With his musical background he always has great ideas to help keep the creativity alive. One of my favorite things about recording with Bryan is that he provides a comfortable environment to work in. You never feel rushed like you do in other recording studios. It's just an all around great place to record and I would and do recommend it to anyone."
- Jason Feather, d*fRost

"Bryan Stratman and hs studio did something for my band that no other studio or engineer has done in the past 7 years and 5 recordings. The product we created was a masterfully engineered record, with very high sonic quality, on schedule, at a fair and reasonable cost. Thanks Strat, your rock!!"
- Johnny McDonald, Soulcracker Management

"Bryan Stratman makes the most of every bit of every recording by personally investing himself in the recording process, thereby consistently producing tracks of which he can be proud. I recommend his studio to everyone interested in recording in the San Diego area."
- Sutton Althazar, Soulcracker

"Bryan Stratman is competent and innovative pioneer who has an extremely bright future. His ideas are cutting edge and his foresight is limitless. I have spent countless hours tracking and producing various musical works at Microbucket Laboratories and I know that his new vision, Capricorn Studios, proves to be an even greater success. Over the past decade I have referred several musicians and producers to Mr. Stratman's studio and each one of them have returned as satisfied and loyal customers. I wish him the utmost respect and support in his endeavor, and would gladly stake my reputation on his work."
- Justin Palicki, Honey Bucket/Safari Records

On Wed 29/12/10 11:32 AM , Tommy wrote: "I have been working with Bryan Stratman and Capricorn studios for close to 7 years now and plan on bringing all of my projects to this studio. I have recorded 4 full length albums with a 5th on the way and recommended this studio to numerous friends and musicians. The vibe at Capricorn makes this an ideal place to record because it is so laid backed but professional at the same time. Their gear and space is top notch and I have always been pleased with the finished product.

What I like best about the studio is how Bryan (and staff) help along with the creative process and do their best to produce a finished product I am always stoked on. I have brought skeletons of songs in there and left with compositions beyond my original expectations and I always feel like the studio is invested in my projects. I have literally brought a singer in the studio who was directing Bryan in another language and somehow Bryan seemed to be one step ahead of the guy. At the end of the session the singer told me Bryan was the best engineer he had ever worked with.

Technically speaking I would not put anything past these guys as well. I have brought music in on all formats and it is always quickly and easily converted to Protools session files and when I am feeling super experimental Capricorn easily keeps up with their knowledge and imagination. I would recommend Capricorn to anyone looking to record with expert gear an expert staff and on an amateur budget. The studio is perfectly suited for bands looking to plug in and record and Hip Hop/ Pop artists looking for help with beats, backing tracks or accompaniment.

Much love to Capricorn!"
- Tommy Dubs

"I was extremely happy with the professionalism of Josh and how quickly & efficiently he worked on my tracks. I felt very comfortable working with him, great guy. Studio manager, Astra Kelly, was pleasing to converse and schedule with as well...perfect communication. I'd love to work with Capricorn again and I will!" - Erika Davies

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