Inside the Mastering Studio
Inside the Mastering Studio About Capricorn Mastering

Capricorn Mastering in San Diego

Capricorn Mastering Record, Mix and Master! Take your music from start to finish in one place. Capricorn Studios is proud to offer an in-house dedicated mastering studio. Capricorn Mastering is San Diego's premier mastering studio offering high-end audio mastering services, preparation of final mixes for cd replication, ISRC encoding, noise reduction, audio restoration and more.

We combine cutting edge audio technology, specialized mastering equipment, classic techniques, experienced mastering engineers, and real world musical knowledge to produce the best sound possible.

Send us a song and we will provide a sample mastering of your track free of charge. We are confident that by showing you the difference Capricorn Mastering can make, you will come back for more!

1-9 songs: $65/each
(additional songs: $55/each)
(Prices include CD layout)
We serve Solo Artists, Bands, Choirs, Compilations, Audio Books, Voice-Over Artists and more.

Your recording is finished. It sounds good, but does it have the warmth and punch your favorite records do? Does it play at a similar loudness level? Do you want to add CD text, or ISRC codes? Mastering uses very specialized equipment to give all the finishing touches to each song. We take your songs to the level to get the attention you want. Weather you have a full album, or demo. One track or twenty, Mastering is the last crucial step to take before you wow your audience.

Contact Joe Goodwin or visit to inquire about your next mastering project.

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