Inside the Recording Studio
Inside the Recording Studio

The Band Experience
The Band Experience℠ is $1,200 for the 6 week experience. This includes one three hour session with one of our music directors in studio for six weeks, band photos and artwork, full production of your two song demo including mastered files/CD’s, Q & A with our professional guest speakers, and a gig for your band at a local venue. A band could easily spend that on studio time alone!

The Band Experience℠: Curriculum

Each week consists of one three hour session at a professional recording studio under the guidance of one of our music directors.

Week 1: Introductions, background, name the band, start jamming and arranging tunes, record rough ideas

Week 2: Special guest, fine tune song arrangements and talk through trouble spots.

Week 3: Break down into sections if need be, take band photos and discuss graphics. Songs should be completed, rehearse and record roughs live to click

Week 4: Special guest (legal/publishing copyright), discuss song registration, set up, sound check and live track two tunes

Week 5: Finish and recording/overdubs, start mix.

Week 6: Special guest (radio personality), finish mix and rehearse for gig (may include learning a couple of covers just for the gig)

A Note About Our Special Guests

It is important to be well-rounded in an industry as competitive as the music industry, so we introduce our clients to aspects of being in a band beyond just creating an album and performing a gig. To bring this variety of knowledge to the experience, The Band Experience℠ includes sessions with special guests. Topics will include: building your brand, promoting to papers, magazines and radio, publishing and copyrights, gigging and touring, social networking, pitching to labels and publishers, and use of music in film and TV, and more. Band Experience℠ clients also have access to the expertise of our staff.


Bryan StratmanBryan Stratman
Since he built Capricorn Studios twelve years ago, Bryan has produced projects for star local artists, including Transfer, Get Back Loretta, B-Side Players, and The Silent Comedy. He has also co-written numerous projects and has a natural ear for developing an artist’s sound. Stratman has worked with national bands such as Brazilian Girls, Fountains of Wayne, Cattle Decapitation, Killah Priest (of Wu Tang Clan), and has performed voice-over recording for Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, M&M Mars, Subaru, and many more. His own current project, Hyena, was nominated for San Diego Music Award’s “Best Electronic Band” of 2010 and 2011 and won the category in 2012. Hyena’s “Kill Kids” has become a staple on Bassnectar’s world tour. They are getting ready to debut their second album “We Are Hyena” with tracks mixed by Grammy nominated Mark Needham (The Killers, Shakira, Chriss Isaac).

Astra KellyAstra Kelly
Originally from Chicago, Astra Kelly has managed her music career with a steadfast determination. She has written, produced and self-released six records on her Rockaway Records label. She’s managed four recording studios and currently assists aspiring songwriters and others in need of music with song composition and album production. She’s also a session vocalist and vocal coach. She recently earned her sixth nomination (“Best Rock Album”) in the San Diego Music Awards for her latest record entitled “Timebomb,” released in July 2011. Since joining the Capricorn Studios team, she has produced songs for local artists such as prolific singer and pianist Carmen Caserta. She also co-wrote and produced a soundtrack to the award winning children's book, "Kathryn the Grape" (Gold/Mom’s Choice 2012). Astra also co-wrote and produced tracks with Bryan Stratman for emerging teen actress/singer Cassidy Diane and YouTube superstar, Lia Marie Johnson. She’s currently nurturing a trendsetting electroacoustic sound while working on a series of concept albums, the first of which is entitled Parlor Songs::Love and Heartbreak. Astra Kelly is a pure artist and savvy businesswoman. The Band Exp℠ is Kelly’s recent brainchild and the latest buzz to hit the Capricorn Studios community.

Ariel LevineAriel Levine
A native of New York City, Ariel recently headed west in search of palm trees, surf and carne asada. Back east he took on many roles, from multi-instumentalist, engineer, mixer and producer, building up credits including Wynton Marsalis, Carmine Appice, Cactus, Dean Parrish, Easy Star Records, Li’l Kim, & Collective Soul. Ariel has also worked with countless NYC rock, funk and metal bands in famous studios such as Hit Factory, Threshold Music and The Cutting Room. Ariel’s specialty is rock n roll production, a skill he perfected while producing 2 albums with his own band, KiNDERGARTEN. KiNDERGARTEN was a regular piece in the NYC music scene, frequenting venues such as CBGB’s, Le Poisson Rouge, Southpaw and Joe’s Pub. Since moving to San Diego, Ariel has embedded himself in the local music scene, toured the country and played SxSW with singer Maren Parusel. He now kills time playing guitar and singing with various tribute bands such as MEX, Back 2 Black, The Cured and The Imposter-ers.

Steve MorrisSteve Morris
With over eighteen years of experience working as a producer and platinum-selling musician, Steve Morris served as the lead guitarist of the band Unwritten Law. During his tenure with the band, Steve recorded, wrote, and co-wrote seven studio albums and two live albums, as well as performing on multiple world tours and over twenty live television appearances including both Letterman and Leno. Unwritten Law achieved radio success with the #1 U.S. and Australian hit single, “Seeing Red,” as well as five other top-twenty Billboard singles.
Through his years with Unwritten Law, Morris had the unique experience of working alongside A-list producers such as John Shanks (2005 Grammy-winning Producer of the Year), Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Shakira), Sean Beavan (NIN, Marilyn Manson), and Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden). During these formative years, Steve developed his own production style, leading him to co-produce the last two Unwritten Law albums, The Hit List and Swan. In addition to his work with Unwritten Law, Morris has been recognized in the San Diego music scene as an accomplished producer, mixer and engineer.
Steve Morris’ unique experience as both an artist and producer for nearly two decades is what defines his production style, helping him create content that pleases both the artists and the clients who seek him out. His creativity, forward-thinking style, and trademark sound have made him a leading visionary in music production and sound design.

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