Inside the Recording Studio
Inside the Recording Studio

The Band Experience

The Band Exp℠ at Capricorn Studios is the ultimate insider experience! Under the guidance of seasoned music industry professionals, you can apply your musical talent within a group dynamic. The Band Experience℠ will expose you to composing songs, playing/jamming, recording, performing, and managing an independent band.

If you are seeking to break out as a musician, meet fellow players, or simply find out what it’s like to be in a band, Capricorn Studios makes it easy. We will carefully match you up with players of the same style and skill level to provide a customized opportunity. Our East Village studio space will inspire you to tap into the next level of your true musical potential.

Over the course of six weeks, you will work closely with talented songwriters, producers and audio engineers. You will network with key industry figures such as radio personalities, media writers and session musicians. You’ll write, record, mix and master your demo CD. Finally, you will rock out your new music in front of a live audience at a San Diego venue. When it's all over, you will have experienced what it takes to produce music on a professional level and have acquired industry skills that you can apply to future projects.

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Contact Capricorn Studios today to submit an audition:
The Band Experience℠
(619) 231-6999

**Prior musical experience required. Suggested skill level is at least beginner to intermediate.

To apply and audition for The Band Experience℠ at Capricorn Studios, please download and fill out the application here:

Download the application here

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