Inside the Recording Studio

A note from our team for our music producers, songwriters and bands:

We recognize you may be shopping for studios and know you have choices. We know you have a budget in mind.

Each project is unique. There are many things we need to know in order to give you a fair and accurate price for recording studio projects. That is one of the reasons that we prefer that you call. Are there two or fifty people in the band? How may songs are you hoping to record? Do you need session musicians? Things like deadlines, availability, existing recordings, and numerous other things go into the overall cost. Sometimes we don't know the true cost until we know what's involved in the project. In any case, we are willing to work with you to come up with a budget and plan that will work for you and your project.

THAT SAID, we respect that you might be "just looking." So we're presenting the following RATES to give you a general idea of what we charge and require for different types of projects and blocks of time. Should you have questions, please call or write or better yet, make an appointment to come by for a visit so we can meet face to face and talk more about your project.

We hope to see you in the studio soon!


  • great for singer/songwriter
  • engineer included
  • 10 hrs plus 2 hrs free for load in/out
  • perfect for cutting demos, or tracking.
  • engineer included
  • up to 30 hours
  • plus an initial evening session for set up and toning out, come in fresh the next day ready to rock
  • fri, sat, sun (inquire for other days)
  • engineer included
  • MASTERING Send us a song and we'll provide a sample FREE OF CHARGE!
    1-9 songs: $65/each (additional songs: $55/each) (Prices include CD layout) Learn more.
    Record, mix, and master 4-6 songs. Album quality, radio ready.
    Record, mix, and master 8-12 songs. Album quality, radio ready.
    BROADCAST RATES (including engineer, 1 hour minimum)
    Simple Voiceover Recording: $80/hr, Voiceover with Phone Patch: $125/hr, ISDN: $200/hr
    Call for audio sweetening, audio post, ADR, spot production, and music licensing. We have local voiceover talent!
    PRODUCTION PACKAGES $1500-$3500/song
    Do you have lyrics, a melody, maybe a few chords on piano or guitar, but no band or beats? We will work with you to develop your style, arrange your song, schedule your sessions, hire musicians and/or create original digital backing tracks. We'll help you every step of the way to take your project from inception to completion and ensure the highest quality results. Rate includes studio time (record, mix and master), engineer, producer, studio musicians and project management. Perfect if this is your first time in the studio.

    Hourly Rates are $60/hr with a two hour minimum
    for music recording, editing, mixing, etc.

    Gift certificates available.

    Ask us about our multi-day lockout rates!
    (*8 hr or Day at Studio hour blocks include consecutive hours of load in/out
    and recording time. Rate of $60/hr applied after set hours.
    Deposit required at time of booking for all sessions. Available for a limited time.)


    • A 20% deposit is required at time of booking for hourly or blocks of time – 50% for production or flat rate projects.
    • Final payment is required on day of session.
    • Time booked is time billed.
    • We accept: Cash, Visa, Master Card, Amex and PayPal.
    • Cancellations with 48+ hours notice receive studio credit.
    • Cancellations inside 48-hours of session will forfeit deposit.
    • No tapes, masters, drives, or data can be released without payment in full.
    • We are not responsible for materials, gear, or recordings left on our premises (unless other arrangements are made).
    • Studio time assumes normal breaks for engineers for coffee, meals, lavatory, etc.
    • YOUR MASTERS AND SESSION FILES ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. While we do back up everything we work on, we are not required to keep your data. We reccomend you bring a MAC formatted hard drive to your session and take a backup with you, especially if you plan on working in your project over time.

    Please fill out the form below to inquire about booking your session, call 619-231-6999 or email the studio

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